Rhett Walker - Clone

Chorus / Description : The song Clone by Rhett Walker criticizes conformity and encourages individuality, urging listeners to stand for something and not be mere clones.

Clone Lyrics

Ohh you done opened this cage
Done set this prisoner free
Ohh if you listen to me
Iā??ll promise you one thing
Itā??s been a long time coming and now Iā??m starting
To tear down everything
But just as sure as the rising sun there will be nothing left but me

Ohh you're a robot
You know not, yea you're nothing but a clone
Think nothing for yourself just ride on what we brought
You call yourself an outlaw, but never fight for anything
You sit and wait for them dollar signs selling what we do not need

I canā??t stand for nothing like you're paid for
I canā??t go on and hold in everything
Cause we all know thereā??s more that we are made for
I canā??t go on and not do anything, I ainā??t your clone

You brought me to your world for all I had to give
To tell everyone what itā??s like to really live
Just don't start talking about real problems or how it really is
Well I ainā??t ever been like that and I guess I never will

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  • Song: Clone
  • Artist(s): Rhett Walker