Rhett Walker - The Other Side

Chorus / Description : The song conveys that even in broken times, there is a reason and answer. By seeking and looking through heaven's eyes, peace and hope can be found.

The Other Side Lyrics

When everything is broken
When it's hard to understand
When you've lost a place to put your hope and you can barely stand

When your tears are falling faster
And your strength is almost gone
Well it's hard to imagine that you can carry on, carry on

There is a reason and all of life has meaning
There is an answer for these broken times
So keep on searching, seek and you will find him
There is an answer on the other side

So look through the eyes of heaven
You'll find peace for your soul
And one day when we rise up you'll hurt no more, no more


So lift your hands up
Feel the spirit rising
Join the celebration
Raise your voice with mine
Lord hear us calling
Calling for you Jesus
We feel you moving from the other side


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  • Song: The Other Side
  • Artist(s): Rhett Walker