Let There Be Light Lyrics


Let there be light
To quench the darkness
Let the rain
Bless the earth
Let there be joy
To quench the sadness
Let love
Heal the broken heart.

Verse One:

Let the birds sing
Let the women rejoice
Let the oceans be still
So the men's voice be heard
Let the lions roar
Let the clouds gather
Let the rain fall
So the trees grow


Verse Two:

Let the stars shine
Let the mountains jump
Let's dance with joy
For our hope's in Jesus
Let the children play
Let the sick be healed
Let the deaf hear
We give glory to God


Verse Three:

Let the dead rise
Heaven's gates come open
Together we gon' fly
Into our Father's arms
Come let's praise the Lord
As we forget our sorrow
Our tears he'll wipe away
This life is but borrowed.


Copyright 2018 Richard Shekari

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