When Nothing Hurts Lyrics + Video

When Nothing Hurts Lyrics

I always fall at Your feet
When I’m dying inside 
I give You the pain in my chest 
When it’s too much to hide
I pull You close to me
When this life cuts deep
But when everything gets easy 
It’s easy not to keep You first 
God, make me desperate for You
Even when nothing hurts 
When my heart is beating steady
And I’m not on my knees in the dirt
Teach me to cry out to You
Even when nothing hurts 
I want to still sing Your name 
When the wounds have all healed 
To seek You in every season 
No matter how I feel
We both know You have my heart 
When things are hard 
When nothing hurts 
God I still need You 
When nothing hurts 
Maybe that’s when I need You the worst

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