Ryan Stevenson - Carry Me

Carry Me Lyrics

Heavy heart inside my chest, I try so hard I give my best
These tired legs are shaking, don't know how much longer I can take it
One step forward and two steps back, this narrow road ain’t an easy path
Feeling so defeated, more than anything I've ever needed

I need You to carry me
Lord, won't You carry me
All my weary is weighing down, without You I won't make it out
So, won't You carry me
Jesus, please carry me
Cause all the fight in me is gone, I need Your strength to carry on
So, won’t You carry me

I’m feeling lost but I'm not lost hope
Cause I find peace when I let go
Even in this season, when it's hard for me to see it
So take this burden and make it light
Take this weight it was never mine
In Your arms there is healing, more than anything I've ever needed

Through this valley I’m facing, all this weight I can't take it
It’s more than I can do, Oh, I need You to carry me
So close to Your heart Lord, wanna fall in Your arms Lord
There's nothing left to do but run to You so carry me
Lord, carry me
I need You

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  • Song: Carry Me
  • Artist(s): Ryan Stevenson
  • Album: ABLE
  • Release Date: 28 Apr 2023
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