Ryan Stevenson - Coming Home

Coming Home Lyrics

You've been carrying this weight for far too long
So many times you've blurred the lines of right and wrong
Oh this pharisee inside is growing strong
Your pride is holding on, it's holding on
And you've been so afraid to let anyone see, all the dirty wounded insecurities
And all you know is there is healing that you need
And this prodigal is ready to come back home

So bring your burdens and bring your pain
All your guilt, your addictions and your shame
And run to the father, where endless mercy waits
Straight into His arms, it's right where you belong
You're coming home

There's a thorn stuck in your side that just won't budge
You try and try but still your efforts not enough
And you're infected by the damage that it's done
And you've had a heavy heart, but you feel the healing start 

Come running, come running
There is nothing left to prove, mercy's waiting here for you

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  • Song: Coming Home
  • Artist(s): Ryan Stevenson
  • Album: ABLE
  • Release Date: 28 Apr 2023
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