Ryan Stevenson - Reflection of You

Reflection of You Lyrics

Lord, make me a mirror that reflects who You are
I wanna be gracious and gentle and hope for the hopeless heart
Lord, make me a shadow that moves when You move
If You take a step, I wanna step in the place that You do

Just like the sun lights the moon
Lord who am I without You
In every word that I speak, every day my heart beats
I want others to see the reflection of You in me

Lord, make me a river with words that bring life
To every soul that is thirsty, desperate to be satisfied
Lord, make me a table where there's always a place
Help me to serve with a heart that is humble and flowing with grace

Help me show mercy and love to the hurting, I wanna be more like You
Help me stay honest to keep every promise, I wanna be more like You

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  • Song: Reflection of You
  • Artist(s): Ryan Stevenson
  • Album: ABLE
  • Release Date: 28 Apr 2023
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