Sean Feucht - We Haven't Seen Anything Yet

We Haven't Seen Anything Yet Lyrics

I feel holy stirring
I feel it in my bones 
A rising expectation 
A new day of hope 

I lift my eyes too you 
Where does my help come from 
My hope is in you God 

We haven’t seen anything yet
You make good in your promises 
Your kingdom will know no end 
It just gets I just gets better with you God 

I see a higher vision
I see you in the throne 
You plans are full of promise 
Greater than I’ve known

You take the valley of weeping 
You turn it into joy 
Cause that’s who you are 

Seasons of disappointment 
Become a dance floor 
Cause that’s who you are

We Haven't Seen Anything Yet Video

  • Song: We Haven't Seen Anything Yet
  • Artist(s): Sean Feucht
  • Album: Let Us Worship - Orange County
  • Release Date: 12 May 2021
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