Sidewalk Prophets - Because Its Christmas

Chorus / Description : The song Because It's Christmas by Sidewalk Prophets celebrates the joy and love of Christmas while reminding us of the true reason for the season - the birth of Jesus Christ. It emphasizes the importance of slowing down, finding hope, and focusing on the spiritual significance of Christmas. Although it does not directly quote any biblical references, it alludes to the angels' proclamation of Jesus' birth and the whole world singing the reason for the celebration.

Because Its Christmas Lyrics

The snow is falling again
It looks a wonderland
But I'm stuck in traffic behind all these red lights
So I call you up and sigh
Cause I forgot the pumpkin pie
You say “it's all right;
we'll still have a wonderful night

Just take your time and slow it down
And let your heart hear the joyful sounds”

Because it's Christmas
Love is filling the air
Because it's Christmas
The thrill of hope is everywhere
So let the music play
And let your worry melt away
Because it's Christmas

Back home the fire's bright
And the tree is full of lights
But the family's coming and there's so much work to be done
So you call me up and say
Could you hurry on your way
I say “hold on, tonight will be so much fun

Just take a breath, and say a prayer
And before you know it I'll be there”


And in this world so loud and busy
Sometimes we forget just why
We celebrate this time each year
But if you listen close the angels cry
The whole world sings the reason why

Because it's Christmas
Our savior's born tonight
Because it's Christmas…


Because Its Christmas Video

  • Song: Because Its Christmas
  • Artist(s): Sidewalk Prophets
  • Album: Merry Christmas To You
  • Release Date: 24 Sep 2013
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