Rest and Rise Lyrics

by Sons The Band TRIBL Maverick City | in Praise

Rest and Rise (feat. Steve Davis & Jordan Colle) | SONS THE BAND & TRIBL
I wake up covered in hallelujahs
Standing under the songs of heaven
Your presence always welcoming
Fills me with a melody

Verse 2
I wake up covered in sweet hosannas
It’s the chorus of every angel
The one they’ve sung a thousand times
Now I’m joining in with mine

My praise is yours
Forever I will testify
Of what you’ve done
And how you’ve been there all my life
When I rest and when I rise
I will sing the love of Christ
I will testify

Verse 3
I stand up making this declaration
Your goodness is your reputation
You prove it to me more and more
I can’t help but lift

I know I’m living in the land of promise
Everyday it overflows with goodness
You keep on showing that the best part is
You’re not going anywhere

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