The Collingsworth Family - Awesome Power of Prayer

Awesome Power of Prayer Lyrics

When a mortal can talk to God Almighty
And know that His voice is heard
What a wonder it is that He understands
My sighs and tears as if they were words
High above the chaos a whisper is so clear
The sweetness of His presence echoes He is near.

I wouldn't waste my time if I didn't believe it
I tell you it works because I have seen it
It's unexplainable, yet so incredible, attainable anytime, anywhere
The simply marvelous, supernatural, awesome power of prayer

He already knows what I'm gonna ask
And what His answer will be
But He loves the communion of the Father and child
And more than an answer it's Him that I need
To give me new perspective, breathe purpose to my soul
So, I keep coming back to Him, releasing my control

So I pray in the morning (in the morning)
I stay intact with Him over the day
Whatever I'm doing, wherever I'm going
The purpose of what and what it may say

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  • Song: Awesome Power of Prayer
  • Artist(s): The Collingsworth Family


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