Right By Your Side Lyrics

There are times in this life we live, things don t go the way we planned
And I m tempted to murmur, complain, tell my troubles, heartaches, sorrow, pain.
But then I lift up my eyes and see, there is hope waiting just for me
The very moment I call upon his name Jesus reaches down and takes my hand.

He never slumbers or does he sleep
He watches me my soul to keep
I call upon him either night or day, he always answers when I pray
So give your troubles and cares to him, don t worry about a thing
It s gonna be all right, With the Lord right by your side.

He never said that my life would perfect be
But he said he would never leave
He never the waters wouldn't rise, but he promised he would take us to the other side,
Take us to the other side.
Every storm he would lead us through, we don t need to be singing the blues
Everything is going to be alright, with the Lord,
With the Lord, With the Lord always by your side, by your side.

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