He Will Never Disappoint You Lyrics

Jesus is far more to me 
Than in all my glowing day-dreams I 
Had fancied He could be 
And the more I get to know Him, so 
The more I find Him true 
And the more I long that others should 
Be led to know Him too. 

He will never disappoint you! 
He has saved my soul from sin 
All the guilt and all the anguish, which 
Oppressed my heart within, 
He had banished by His presence, and 
His blessed kiss of peace 
Has assured my heart for ever that His 
love will never cease. 

He will never disappoint you! 
He is coming by and by 
In my heart I have the witness that His 
Coming draweth nigh 
All the scoffers may despise me, and no 
Change around may see 
But He tells me He is coming, and 
That`s quite enough for me. 

He will never disappoint you! 
He is all In all to me- 
Blessed Saviour, Sanctifier; the 
unchanging Christ is He! 
He has won my heart`s affections, and 
He meets my every need; 
He will never disappoint you, for He 
Satisfies Indeed.

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