Count Your Blessings Lyrics

Tired, frustrated and feeling down
The end of the day has you wearing a frown
Your troubles have doubled and brother, what can you do?
Here's a little advice, pound for pound
It's guaranteed to bring you around
From an old sob story to a brand new point of view

Count your blessings when you're feeling blue,
It's surprising what a little bit of counting will do,
Count 'em when ever thing goes wrong,
Soon you'll find yourself singing a song.
Count 'em whether they be big or small,
You just might have trouble counting them all,
Your problems will simply fade from view
If you'll just start counting your blessings.

Some people today will drive you insane
All they want to do is fuss and complain
About who, what, when, where, how they've been done wrong
For so long
Find less time for worry, more time for prayer
You'll have a lot less stress and a lot more hair
When you find you're done counting,
You'll be shouting 'cause you're back on your feet.
Gotta keep up, gotta keep on

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