Tye Tribbett - Good

Chorus / Description : The song Good by Tye Tribbett is a celebration of God's goodness and faithfulness. It acknowledges that despite our shortcomings, God remains constant and showers us with blessings. The lyrics express gratitude for God's mercy, love, and grace. The message aligns with biblical principles of God's unwavering love and the need to praise and worship Him for His goodness. References to God's blood shed for our freedom and His faithfulness can be found in various Bible verses such as Romans

Good Lyrics

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Here we go
I will build for you an alter
I will bring my sacrifice I'll worship you cause you've been so good
(Oooo) I will give you all the praise
I will bless your holy name
I'll worship you cause you been so good (oooo)
You shed your blood for me
I was guilty but now I'm free
All because of you cause you've been so good
Now I walk in liberty and sin has no control of me
I will tell the world that you been so good

Say you've been good, good, good
The God we serve has been good
He's been good, so good,
The God we serve has been good

I've done nothing to deserve your blessings
Sometimes I do more wrong than right but you remain the same
Lord you've been so good (oooo)
And you are forever faithful
Even though I stray, you promise you will never leave
You've been so good (oooo)
Many times I should have been dead
But you gave me mercy instead
Halleluh you ve been so good

And I dont know why you even love me
I can't figure out why you care so much
Hey you've been good


I cant explain your love
(Its so incredible)
I cant explain your peace
(Beyond my understanding)
I cant explain your joy
(Its so unspeakable)
I cant explain your grace
(Your grace so amazing lord)

[Chorus 2X]

Got to give you -praise
You been so good to -me

Got to give you -praise
Been so, been so, good to me
Got to, got to, give you praise
Been so, been so, good to me
Got to, got to, give you praise

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  • Song: Good
  • Artist(s): Tye Tribbett
  • Album: Fresh
  • Release Date: 15 Oct 2010
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