Wahamba Nathi (Siyabonga Jesu) Lyrics

In Zulu
Wahamba nathi, Oh wahamba nathi
Oh wahamba nathi, siyabonga
Siyabonga Jesu, siyabonga Ngonyama Yezulu
Siyabonga Jesu, siyabonga

You walked with us, Oh you walked with us
Oh you walked with us, We thank you.
We thank you Jesus, we thank you Lion of Heaven
We thank you Jesus, we thank you

In Swahili
Tembea nasi, oh Tembea nasi,
Oh watembea nasi, twashukuru
Twashukuru yesu, twashukuru Simba wa Yuda
Twashukuru Yesu, twashukuru

In Venda
Vha tshimbila na rine, oh vha tshimbila na rine
Oh vha tshimbila na rine, ria livhuwa.
Ria livhuwa Yesu, ria livhuwa Khosi ya Mahosi
ria livhuwa Yesu, ria livhuwa

In Ghana
Wo ne y3n nam, oh wo ne y3n nam
Oh wo ne y3n nam, y3 da wo ase
Y3 da w’ase yesu, y3 da w’se Osoro Gyata
Y3 da w’ase yesu, y3 da w’ase

In Kamba
Waendie naitu, Oh waendie naitu
Oh waendie naitu, ni muvea
Ni muvea Yesu, ni muvea Munyambu wa Ituni
Ni muvea Yesu, ni muvea

In Luganda
Wagenda nafe, Oh wagenda nafe
Oh wagenda nafe, tukwebaza.
Tukwebaza Yesu, tukwebaza Mpologoma ye Gulu
Tukwebaza Yesu, tukwebaza

In Zimbabwe
WoFamba Nesu, WoFamba Nesu
WoFamba Nesu, Tinotenda
Tinotenda Jesu, Tinotenda Shumba Yedenga
Tinotenda Jesu, Tinotenda
Sotho(South Africa/ Lesotho):
Wa tsamaya le rona, oh wa tsamaya le rona
Oh wa tsamaya le rona, re a boka
Re a boka jesu, re a boka tlatlamathjolo
Re a boka jesu, re ya boka

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  • Ihuoma

    IGBO-Nigeria we
    Chinedumaga oh Chinedumaga oh Chinedumaga, Nara ekele.
    Nara ekele Jisos, Nara ekele Odum ebo-Juda, Nara ekele Jisos Nara ekele.

  • Joe

    Well translated

  • Bosco Simiyu

    Nice song

  • Namuddu Esther

    Wahamba Nanthi Its A Good Song And It Sounds Very Good May The Good Lord Give You Wisdom

  • Christopher Numo

    Bible verse for Wahamb Nathi
    18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28: 18-20 (NIV)

  • Boaz Bichage

    In Ekegusii
    Tara na interested oh Tara Naintwe
    Oh gwatarire naintwe, mbuya mono
    Mbuya Mono Yesu, Mbuya Mono Esimba ya Yuda
    Mbuya Mono Yesu, Mbuya Mono

  • Iradukunda Irenee

    in KINYARWANDA (RWANDA) they say:

    Wabanye natwe, oh wabanye natwe
    oh wabanye natwe, warakoze
    Warakoze Yesu, warakoze ntare ya Yuda
    Warakoze Yesu, warakoze