Miracle Power Lyrics

This is for the lost and lonely 
For the broken and afraid 
This is for those who are hurting
Hoping help is on the way
In these battles of addiction 
When fear is chasing after me
Whatever trouble I am facing
I will lift my hands and sing
I believe in miracle power
In a wonder working God
I am filled with the Holy Spirit 
Working wonders in my heart
I belong to a loving Father
I’m a friend of Christ His Son
When it feels like I won’t make it
I call on Jesus
Sometimes it’s so hard being human 
So much struggle so much pain
When I start singing hallelujah
I say goodbye to every chain
I may not know 
What a day may bring 
But I know 
Who brings the day
On the darkest night
When I cannot see
Still my soul will say

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