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That'll Preach Lyrics

I was on my way down and fallin’ fast
Living by my own strength, but it didn’t last
Something ‘bout a dead end that makes you turn around
If it wasn’t for the hard times, I couldn’t see it now
But I see it now 

My whole life is a testimony
I can’t help but tell the story...Of who He is...
And what He’s done for me
I’m born again, and resurrected
He turned my mess into a message
‘Cause when you’re saved...Called by name
Forgiven and set free
That’ll preach
Oh, that’ll preach 

Now I’m walking into freedom, I ain’t lookin’ back
I’m stepping out of that grave, I’m burying my past
Yeah there’s something bout the gospel, makes you wanna stand and shout 
Tell ‘em all about my Jesus, and how He pulled me out
He pulled me out 

That’ll preach...To the heart that’s hurting
Come and hear the sermon 
I was blind but now I see
That’ll preach...To the lost and broken His arms are open
He’ll do for you what He did for me 

Songwriters: Zach Williams, Ethan Hulse, Jonathan Smith, Josh Baldwin 

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  • Song: That'll Preach
  • Artist(s): Zach Williams
  • Album: A Hundred Highways
  • Release Date: 30 Sep 2022
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