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The Me You Made Lyrics

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I wish I looked like Bradley Cooper
Wish I had movie star muscles like Chris Pratt
I wish my kids thought I was cooler
Wish I wasn’t just a skinny jean wearing dad

Now there’s another thing I’m wishing
I wish I didn’t just say what I just said
Cuz now everybody knows
All the insecure voices in my head

Not good, not cool enough, don’t measure, yeah I’ve had enough

Hey I don’t wanna spend my life
Wishing I was different
That would be a waste of time
Cuz I know You love me just as I am
And I know my God don’t make mistakes
So, I’m just gonna be the me you made

The whole world is posting pictures
Looks like everybody else has a perfect life
And we’re just watching from the bleachers
Discontent and thinking wouldn’t it be nice

But comparison is the thief of joy
Trust me, I know cause for way too long I let it steal my joy
But not anymore

Not good enough, not cool enough, don’t measure up, who’s had enough
No offense to Bradley Cooper but...

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