If We Only Knew

If We Only Knew Lyrics

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Vs 1
We have tasted the sweetness of Your kindess
Caught a glimpse of Your glory in the sun
And the promise in Your Word it still reminds us
There are greater, greater things to come

If we only knew 
How deep the ocean of Your love
How powerful every drop of blood
How much it cost to rescue us
If we only knew 
How far the east is from the west
How we are clothed in righteousness
How strong the hands that conquered death
If we only knew

Vs 2
God Your peace is beyond our understanding
Tender mercy like a river flowing through
You wait with patient arms to hold us
Desperate for the chance to show us
All we really need is You!


We are only scratching the surface 
We are barely knocking on the door
We are only scratching the surface of Your goodnes
We are barely knocking on the door
And You long to show us more


If we only knew
We are, we are 
Daughters & Sons held in Your arms
We are, we are
Daughters & Sons adopted and loved by You

Thank you Unspoken 
Thank you Jesus 

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