Won't Be Moved

Won't Be Moved Lyrics

Verse 1
As the cold winds blow
Stronger than ever
Sometimes it shakes my soul
But I know that my feet is on solid ground and I will not be moved

I will not be moved
I serve a God that don’t just say he proves
If you feel me yeah then I’m talking to you 
I will not be moved

Verse 2
When the war is over
There ain’t no pressure
He keeps me safe and warm
Because my feet’s on solid ground and I will not be moved

I serve the same God back then the time he helped David
And the very same God proves every time that He’s able
If I hold my peace I got a seat at the table
Yeah I think it’s so stable that’s how I know i won’t beg........

I won’t be moved
I won’t be moved

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