All Sons and Daughters is a contemporary worship duo that has captured the hearts of many with their heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies. Comprised of Leslie Jordan and David Leonard, the duo has gained a loyal following with their honest and authentic approach to worship music. Both Jordan and Leonard grew up in small towns and were raised in church-going families. They both found their love for music at a young age and began playing in their local churches. It wasn't until they met at a worship conference in 2009 that they realized their shared passion for leading others in worship. In 2011, All Sons and Daughters released their debut album, "Season One." The album featured songs like "All the Poor and Powerless" and "Reason to Sing," which quickly became fan favorites. The duo's acoustic sound and raw, vulnerable lyrics resonated with listeners, and the album received critical acclaim. Their sophomore album, "Live," was released in 2013 and showcased All Sons and Daughters' ability to lead worship in a live setting. The album featured new songs like "Great Are You Lord" and "Rising Sun," as well as live versions of fan favorites from their debut album. In 2014, All Sons and Daughters released their third studio album, "All Sons and Daughters." The album featured songs like "You Will Remain" and "I Surrender" and further solidified the duo's place in the worship music scene. Throughout their career, All Sons and Daughters have received numerous awards and nominations for their music. They have been nominated for multiple Dove Awards, including Worship Album of the Year and Worship Song of the Year. They have also been recognized by organizations like Worship Leader Magazine and NewReleaseToday. In addition to their studio albums, All Sons and Daughters have also released several EPs and live recordings. They have a knack for creating intimate and engaging worship experiences, and their live recordings capture the energy and passion of their performances. Beyond their music, All Sons and Daughters have also been involved in various events and ministries. They have led worship at conferences and festivals around the world, including the Passion Conference and the National Worship Leader Conference. They have also partnered with organizations like Compassion International and International Justice Mission to raise awareness and support for important causes. One of the unique aspects of All Sons and Daughters' music is their ability to create songs that are both personal and communal. Their lyrics often reflect the struggles and joys of everyday life, and their melodies invite listeners to join in worship. This combination of vulnerability and inclusivity has made their music resonate with people from all walks of life. In recent years, All Sons and Daughters have taken a step back from their music career to focus on their families and individual projects. However, their impact on the worship music scene continues to be felt, and their music remains a source of inspiration for many. In conclusion, All Sons and Daughters is a worship duo that has made a significant impact on the contemporary worship music scene. With their honest lyrics and beautiful melodies, they have created a space for people to connect with God and each other. Though they may have stepped back from the spotlight for now, their music will continue to inspire and uplift for years to come.
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