Brandon Lake - Come Home

Chorus / Description : The song Come Home by Brandon Lake is an invitation for people to accept Jesus as their Savior, experience His love, and have a personal relationship with Him.

Come Home Lyrics

Y'all give me just a few seconds before we move on

Usually, usually, I wait 'til the end of the night to do this, but
I don't know, something's different about tonight it might just be, it might just be me
But I just, I sense such a tangible presence of God and I just have to believe that maybe God is working on some people's hearts tonight already
And I know we're only, it's probably gonna be a long show 'cause we're only halfway through
And I'm supposed to have been

But we were about to play a video and it's really cool and I'm excited for you to see
But I feel like it would ruin the moment, and I usually do this later but y'all
I've been just giving an invitation to start following Jesus because I believe that He is extending the invitation saying, "I want you to follow me"
And y'all there's been so many young people coming to these shows
And I believe that the generation, and this goes for anyone
But I do believe that the generation that is being most attacked right now
Might just be the generation that actually starts a revival in our nation
Because the darker it gets, the brighter the light is gonna shine

Y'all, I could have been
I could have been so messed up
And I'm just so thankful that I found Jesus and I chose to follow Him
Because yes, life is not easy, and it is filled with valleys, and it is filled with all kinds of troubles
Thank you, oh my gosh, you're precious, thank you
I didn't know what was going on, but these babies just brought me some water
Thank you, that's amazing
And I'm just like, dude, if there's one Brandon in the room that needs to get peace with God
And needs to start following Jesus and it's gonna transform his or her life
Like I've gotta give this invitation
And so I'm gonna make it quick because we still have more songs to sing

But here's the thing, the Bible says it is this simple
That if you believe in your heart, and you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord
The One we've been singing to, the One who is in this room, then you will be saved
If you believe in your heart and you confess with your mouth

I don't know why some people they're like they're not wanting to go all in with Jesus
Because they think you have to start wearing khaki pants and a polo shirt
Listen, you can be cool and follow Jesus, but truthfully
I mean, this invitation isn't to be cool, it is to be a fool
It is to be a fool for Jesus
And it's
You're going to have people hate you
You're going to have people make fun of you, but here's the thing

You could think up the best life, dream up your best life for yourself
But it would never compare to the life that Jesus has for you
The plans that he has for you
And so, I'll say one more thing, and if anyone wants to pray this prayer
And there's no magic in the prayer, I'm no professional pastor
Literally, I just want to create and facilitate a conversation between you and God

But I have three boys, cray-cray boys, pray for mama
They're coming out on tour next week, it's about to be shenanigans
It's about to be crazy
But I have three boys
And there is my wife and my boys and the Lord
And there is nothing I love as much as them
I am obsessed with my boys
And I can't imagine not having a relationship with my kids
I can't imagine a situation where they were running from me, hiding from me
I want them to bring all of their mess to me
I want to be the one to handle and walk with them through it
Yes, I want them to live a holy life, righteous life
But there's nothing they could ever do that would ever make me want to not have a relationship with them

Do you realize that's a fraction of how God feels about you?
He made you
He would have the best plans for you
'Cause you are His son, you are His daughter

And I just I don't know if this might be for one person, but I think it's worth going after
Because if somebody can move from death to life tonight
From darkness to light, I think it's worth it

So if you want to pray that prayer
Whether you want to come back home
Because you've been running from God for a season
Or you want to say "Yes" to Jesus for the first time
Just repeat this after me
If you're a believer, why don't you pray with me
So they hear the church pray with him

Say Jesus (Jesus)
Here I am (Here I am)
I'm a sinner (I'm a sinner)
I'm in need of a Savior (I'm in need of a Savior)
And I believe that You (And I believe that You)
Are that Savior (Are that Savior)
Sent by Your Father (Sent by Your Father)
To take on a cross (To take on a cross)
To pay for my sin (To pay for my sin)
You were buried (You were buried)
But three days later (But three days later)
You rose again (You rose again)
So that I could have a relationship (So that I could have a relationship)
With my heavenly Father (With my heavenly Father)

So tonight (So tonight)
I want to go all-in (I want to go all-in)
I want my old life (I want my old life)
To die (To die)
And may my new life (And may my new life)
Be resurrected in Jesus (Be resurrected in Jesus)
I wanna be born again (I want to be born again)
I wanna follow Jesus (I want to follow Jesus)
For the rest of my days (For the rest of my days)
And spend eternity (And spend eternity)
In heaven (In Heaven)
In Jesus' name (In Jesus' name)
Amen (Amen)

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  • Song: Come Home
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