Building 429 - Fighting To Survive

Chorus / Description : The song Fighting to Survive by Building 429 expresses the struggles and desperation of the protagonist, highlighting the need for hope and redemption. While the lyrics do not directly reference the Bible, they touch on themes of forgiveness, self-reflection, and finding hope in difficult circumstances, which are consistent with biblical teachings. The song encourages the listener to believe in the possibility of redemption and finding hope even in challenging situations.

Fighting To Survive Lyrics

Crying on the inside and it cuts me deep
'Cause I know you're gonna smile when I fall
I can't help but feel the fear when I'm standing here
'Cause I know you're gonna laugh if I have to crawl

Can you see the desperation?
But you don't know my situation

'Cause I, I'm fighting to survive
Can't you see it in my eyes?
Please don't push me anymore
But I, I'm still fighting to believe
That there is hope for me
Somewhere beneath the very least of these

And I can't help but feel ashamed when I know the truth
That there was more than I surmised inside your heart
I want to make it go away but you bear the proof
My words burnt through your skin and left you scarred

I didn't see the desperation; somehow I didn't see your situation

Because I've been fighting to survive
I didn't see it in your eyes
But I won't hurt you anymore
And I, I'm fighting to believe
That there is hope for me
Somewhere beneath the least of these

Fighting To Survive Video

  • Song: Fighting To Survive
  • Artist(s): Building 429
  • Album: Rise
  • Release Date: 14 Mar 2006
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