Building 429 - Mary Sweet Mary

Chorus / Description : The song Mary Sweet Mary reflects the biblical story of Mary giving birth to Jesus, emphasizing her strength and the significance of Jesus' arrival as the Savior for all. The lyrics capture the awe and wonder surrounding the birth of Jesus, referencing wise men seeking Him and angels rejoicing. The song portrays Mary as a central figure in the Christmas story, highlighting her role in bringing forth the redemption and salvation that Jesus brings.

Mary Sweet Mary Lyrics

Mary, sweet Mary, your heart overflows
Deep in the night child, a babe is born
Sacred and holy, blameless and pure
Mary, sweet Mary, tonight your child is born

Mary, sweet Mary, so strong, yet so frail
Carried a baby sent to save the world
Wise men still seek Him and find in Him peace
Mary, sweet Mary, tonight your King is born

All of the angels danced as heaven sang
All of the earth stood so still and so peacefully

Mary, sweet Mary, God's precious child
Blessed redemption is found in His eyes
All creatures great and small
He came for all
Mary, sweet Mary, tonight your Saviour's born

Tonight our Saviour's born

Mary Sweet Mary Video

  • Song: Mary Sweet Mary
  • Artist(s): Building 429
  • Album: Hope Is Here - Single
  • Release Date: 20 Nov 2020
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