Building 429 - Shadow Of Angels

Chorus / Description : The song Shadow Of Angels by Building 429 speaks about finding solace, rescue, and completeness in God, believing in His presence and protection. Though not explicitly referencing biblical verses, the lyrics convey a sense of reliance on God's assistance and finding oneself in Him.

Shadow Of Angels Lyrics

Sunrise on Sunset Beach
Finds me right where I watched it set
I spent the night inside myself
But I haven't found me yet

But I'm not running from you anymore
I'm not running from you anymore, no not anymore

Cause I believe that when I call for you
You hear the plea for my rescue
And You lift me up above the world I know
And I know that when I speak Your name
You hear my voice and send your saints
To cover me in the shadow of angels

I got caught in the memories
Cause they never fail to prove
I'm insecure and incomplete
It's a stinging point of truth

So I will never find the best of me
Until I find myself in You, I'll find myself in You

Shadow Of Angels Video

  • Song: Shadow Of Angels
  • Artist(s): Building 429
  • Album: Space In Between Us (Expanded Edition)
  • Release Date: 30 Aug 2005
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