Casting Crowns - It's Finally Christmas

It's Finally Christmas Lyrics

Lights are twinkling down the block far as the eye can see
And Daddy’s on a mission, he’s got to find the perfect tree
The smell of cookies baking, that can only mean one thing
That it’s finally Christmas

We dust off that old record and sing along with Nat King Cole
Grandpa falls asleep while Grandma tells of days of old
All the crazy family’s come to town and they’re knocking at the door
‘Cause it’s finally Christmas
It’s finally Christmas

We’ve been waiting for it all year long
We feel it in the air and we hear it in the songs
There is peace on earth and no place like home
It’s what the world’s been missing
It’s finally Christmas

Yeah out in Colorado they’re watching snowflakes fall
There ain’t no snow in Georgia, but there’s an ice rink by the mall
No matter where you come from, if you’ve got love you’ve got it all
And it’s finally Christmas

Daddy breaks out the Bible and brings it all back home
We gather to remember the greatest story ever told
How a Father sent His only Son to be our only hope
What the world’s been missing
That Jesus is the reason
It’s finally Christmas

It's Finally Christmas Video

  • Song: It's Finally Christmas
  • Artist(s): Casting Crowns
  • Album: It's Finally Christmas - EP
  • Release Date: 20 Oct 2017
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