Chris Tomlin - Love People

Love People Lyrics

It drives out fear
It conquers hate
It never gives up 
It’s never too late
It don’t see color, just sees heart
We need each other, it ain’t that hard
It’s four little letters, and one little word
If we all did it better, be a lot less hurt if we
Love people, love people, we all need love people
Underneath the surface everybody’s the same
Everything that could divide us
Can’t we all set that aside and just
Love people, love people, we all need love people
We didn’t all come up the same way
But we’re all in need of the same grace
On our own, we won’t make it far
If we ain’t together, we’re falling apart 
Love is patient, love is kind, love is all we really got
Never fails, never leaves
Faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is

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  • Song: Love People
  • Artist(s): Chris Tomlin + Jimmie Allen


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