Overflow Lyrics

here i bring my stains and crown
gentle river wash me now
Your love is deeper than i know
Your waves higher than i can go
lead me in Your holiness
i will follow, i confess
glory is the song i sing
Your life is living me
where would i be, without You, without You
where would i be without You
i will bow before the cross
cherish my redeemer's cost
there is nothing i can do
than only stand amazed by You
immersing You with everyday
wrapped up in Your arms of grace
nothing more, You're all i need
Your life is living me
like a waterfall, You fill my heart and overflow
like a candle flame, You light my way and lead me as i go [2x]
*where would i be, without You, without You
spirit over, let me overlow [4x]
let me overflow [4x]

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