Covenant Worship - Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come Lyrics

Lord we pray Your kingdom come
Lord we pray Your will be done
Every eye will behold the One
Seated high upon His throne

Every tongue confess that You are Lord
When Your kingdom comes

Everything changes everything changes
When Your kingdom comesĀ 
Let Your kingdom come the earth is shaking
Chains are breaking
As Your kingdom comes let Your kingdom come

Lord we pray the lame would leap
Lord we pray the blind would see
Every sickness must be healed
As Your glory is revealed
And everyone will know that You are Lord
Let Your kingdom come

Mountains have to move every chain is loosed
God we declare
Your kingdom is here everyone will see
Fall down at Your feet God we declare
Your kingdom is here

Kingdom Come Video

  • Song: Kingdom Come
  • Artist(s): Covenant Worship
  • Album: Joyous Celebration 22: All For You (Live)
  • Release Date: 09 Mar 2018
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Bible Verses for Kingdom Come

Matthew 6 : 10

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.