Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Pain

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Pain Lyrics

Right now I hear
But I wanna see
I need you to show me
You bottle my tears
Pain is the key
To making me Holy

[Verse 1:]
Dark clouds in the sky turn into rain
I know you wanna cry from the hurt and pain
It's hard to see God in the eye of the hurricane
And so you wanna turn away from this chapter in your life wanna turn the page
It's the hard knock life and the earth's decaying
Trying hard not to murmur and complain
It's easier said than than done with those hunger pangs
You can't even buy your son Burger King
Just got laid off so currently
Trying to make ends meet and that's a further strain
I know you're stressed out gotta learn to pray
So God can give you peace for the burdens laid
Down at his feet where the servants lay
He loves you, so don't turn away
You in the fire, but won't burn in the flame


[Verse 2:]
I know it's cold in the winter months
And I know that that trial you in the middle of
Man I know it might feel like a little much
I know it might feel like a little much
And though deliverance is slow like the little bus
Don't faint stand firm no givin' up
Understand that, God won't give you more than you can bear
Your trials are just little cubs
Big Him, big plan, man little us
I know the season in your life is a little rough
I know you're drinking up strife from the bitter cup
God is painting a picture of
Himself, so it's gotta be beautiful
He's gotta use bright colors and muted tones
Gotta use life's comforts and funerals
I know it hurts, but it helps you to grow


{God is using pain in our lives
Help us grow. Help us get older.}

[Verse 3:]
Praise God that the Father is forming us
Shaping, making, and conforming us
So at times our pain is to grow us up
Other times my pain is for someone else
Cause death in me is life in you
That's what we see when He died for you
'Cause one man's pain is another's pleasure
Just as one man's trash is another's treasure
'Cause sometimes God will cause the pain
He'll create the fire and the rain
I hear you praying Lord take it all away
But if He won't it's because He knows what it takes
To produce fruit and make his people whole
He knows when pressure is applied to coal
A beautiful diamond is the goal
You're in the fire but you're coming out as pure gold


{See I think it's important for us to have a big picture
Perspective on pain. A lot of times, we see pain as a bad
Thing; trials, suffering, you see it as a bad thing. But when
We look in the scriptures, we see that God prescribes pain.
He doesn't just allow it he causes it sometimes; read
Deuteronomy chapter 8. But it's so necessary, because in it
He conforms us into the image and the likeness of His Son.
So I just wanna encourage the people of God, please understand
That God is using your pain for His own glory.}

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  • Song: Pain
  • Artist(s): Da' T.R.U.T.H.
  • Album: The Big Picture
  • Release Date: 21 Jul 2009
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