Dolly Parton Peace Like A River Lyrics

Dionne Warwick & Dolly Parton Lyrics
Peace like a river
Bathe me in your holy stream
In your soothing, living waters
Flood my soul and wash me clean

Point me in the right direction
Use me as you think you should
And may I be a great reflection
Of the things that's right and good

Mmm (peace like a river)
Peace like a river
Oh yeah (peace like a river)

He's the answer to our questions
To our prayers, to all things
He is forgiveness to all confessions
Provider of all needs
And he is hope (Yes, he is)
In desperation (Oh, yes)
Comfort to the soul and mind
Well, he's our God and our connection
To a land that transcends time

His hand (his hand)
Is ever-reaching (ever-reaching)
And his joy, beyond compare
Oh, his prayers are ever-teaching
And his burden, a light to bear
He is there and ever-willing
To lead us through the darkest night (Through the darkest night)
And his love is ever-giving
And his son, the guiding light (peace like a river)

Oh, peace like a river
Flowin' on (peace like a river)
Sweet peace (peace like a river)
Sweet peace
Wash me down, Lord
Oh, wash me clean, Lord, wash me clean (Wash me, Lord)
Baptize me in your living water

He's the answer (He is the answer)
To our questions (To our questions)
To our prayers and to all peace
He's the healer of imperfections
The provider of all needs
And He is hope (He is hope)
In desperation (Desperation)
Comfort to the soul and mind (Soul and mind)
He is peace (He's peace)
Like a river (Like a river)
He is yours (He's yours)
And he is mine (He's mine)

He's yours
He's mine
Peace like a river

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