Do You Know You Are My Sunshine Lyrics + Video

She was standing in the crowd
All alone and lookin' pretty
Listening to the music that we played
She walked up and whispered
I leaned down and listened
To the request that she made .

"Do you know, 'You Are My Sunshine'"?
She asked so sweet and tenderly
"Do you know, 'You Are My Sunshine' 
And would you do it one more time for me". .

Border to border
And ocean to ocean
I still look for her every place
Chasing the sunshine
Each and every night I'm
Searching every crowd for her face .

She was gone just as quick
As the song that she asked for
Taking my sunshine away
But someday when I finally
Look down and see her
I know just what I'm going to say .

Do you know, you are my sunshine
Do you know what your smile did to me
Do you know, you are my sunshine
And it looks like you're always going to be

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