I'm Free Again Lyrics

Satan led my soul astray (Satan led my soul astray I drifted),
From the straight and narrow way 
(that leads to happiness and life eternal);
But to Jesus I did pray, (to the Lord I humbly prayed),
He heart my prayer, rescued me that very day, (that very day).
God I'm free, (free from ev'ry chain of sin),
I've been set free by the grace of God;
I'm free, (with a settled peace within,)
No more the paths of sin I trod;
I'm free, (Heaven's gates will enter in),
The blood has cleansed ev'ry sinful stain;
I free, (Praise the living God,)
I'm free again. (I'm free again.)
On the sinful path below (on the sinful path below is trouble),
All is sorrow, grief and woe, (the sinner's load is mighty hard to carry);
But I've left the shifting sand, (I have left the shifting sand),
Upon the Rock, solid Rock, I'll take my stand, (I'll take my stand).
Soon the pearly gates I'll see 
(soon the pearly gates I'll see in heaven),
Soon I'll live eternally (and then I'll never die but live forever);
Friends and loved ones wait for me, (friends and loved ones wait for me),
I'll sail up high, thru the sky, because I'm free, (because I'm free)

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