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I don’t have the mind
To understand  
The weight of Your glory
Or what it takes to author  
The origin of light 
Or the mystery of life
Or the heart just to love me
But this much I know

Everything I have 
Is because You died for me 
And nothing in this world
Could ever take that much from me

I don’t have the heart 
To measure up against 
All the pressure 
But all my strength exists 
In the confidence I find 
In the thrill of Your desire
And the power of Your presence 
So my soul will sing 

Everything else comes down to this
I know Your love is why my soul exists
Nothing on earth compares
To the confidence I find 
In the thrill of Your desire 
And the power of Your presence
So my soul will sing

And I 
I know what love is
Oh the wonder of the blood 
Oh the kindness of Your heart
To save my soul 

And I 
I know You set me free
And it wrecks me to the bone
You died that I should know
You love me so

What Love Is (Because You Died) [Song Story] - Hillsong UNITED

The story behind the song 'What Love Is (Because You Died)' with TAYA.
We can't have a true definition of
love if we don't know Jesus personally, and have a revelation of what He's done. Everything I have is because he died for me. Without the death and resurrection of Jesus christ we have nothing. I just love that it is
a revelation of who Jesus is one thing I always am hopefully really mindful of, is making sure I
understand what it is that i'm singing, and I get a revelation. I get it in my heart something I
always love about our songs is that they're honest, they're not going to be you know something
that you can't actually relate to. It's actually the second verse it says "I don't have
the heart to measure up against all the pressure", so many generations but particularly the young
generation coming out like they're just being bombarded with the pressure of to be honest
like social media and and just living up to a certain standard or whatever and I
just love that it says :I don't have The heart to measure up to all the pressure"
because we're not meant to.

I don't have the all my strength exists in the confidence that
I find in the thrill of your desire which we're actually like you know, that's us as people.
The power of your presence so my soul is gonna sing everything I have is because you died for me.
I just love tha we should never ever get too far away, actually shouldn't get any.
You know any distance away from Jesus and what he did on the cross. I just love that this is
again reminds us of the power of the blood of Jesus. I would say for people who feel
like they're not measuring up, don't feel like they're good enough are struggling with comparison,
we're very aware of our shortcomings. Not everyone but a lot of people are very aware their
shortcomings. So I would say if you're feeling doubt or you're not feeling like you're measuring
put on the song because it will point back to Jesus. I know what love is like you died to save
my soul, whilst I was still an enemy.

Once I have tried to measure up and done like Jesus did. Everything we have to know our identity and our value that it lies in Jesus. Before we did anything for God, He was pleased with us and He loves us and so I hope that people would be
encouraged about where the true identity lies. You know what I reference to colossians in
the first chapter the message in verse 21 it says "You yourselves are a case study of
what he does at one time." You all had your backs turned to God, thinking rebellious thoughts of
him. Giving him trouble every chance you got, you know it's that whilst we were still enemies
to him he died for us. It says but now by giving himself completely at the cross, actually dying
for you christ brought you over to God's side. You put your lives together whole and holy in
his presence, don't walk away from a gift like that, stay grounded and you stay steady
in that bond of trust constantly tuned into the message careful to not be distracted or

Then on the other page it says this is the only message of which Paul is a
messenger, so hopefully this is the only message of which Hillsong United is a messenger. I just pray
that this song my prayer for this song as someone who gets to carry this song and gets to carry
the truth of what Jesus christ did on the cross. What we have through his blood that was
shed. The wonder of his blood and the kindness of his heart that he saves our souls.
We will stay constantly tuned into this message, we will never get too far from it.
We be careful to not be distracted or diverted but we would continue to keep our
eyes fixed on Jesus the resurrected king.

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