Anxiety Bows Lyrics

by Impact | in Worship

Verse 1:
I am a child of God
I have authority 
I am secure in you
You’re my identity 
Fear has no hold on me 
Jesus’ my liberty 
I am a child of God 
I am a child of God

Oh bow down anxiety 
Jesus already crushed you x2
I receive my perfect peace 
Jesus we glorify you
We live to glorify you 

Verse 2
I am a child of God 
I have inheritance 
I silence every voice 
Goliath you must flee 
No weapon formed against me 
Will have the victory 
I am a child of God 
I am a child of God 

Oh hallelujah x2
To the prince of peace 
Your love sets me free 

Writers: Zenzo Matoga and Phil Thompson 
Publishing: Impact Music  
Impact Music feat. Zenzo Matoga & Lisa Brunson

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