Impact Worship - No More Idols

No More Idols Lyrics

We will never bow down 
To other gods
Beside our God 
We will never worship
Other gods
You’re our God

Jesus, Jesus 
Only True God
Jesus, Jesus 
You’re The One for me
Jesus, Jesus 
Praise His Name 

Every idol will fall down
As we lift Your praises high
All creation will sing out
Jesus now be glorified
Kings and kingdoms will fall down
As we lift Your praises loud
Every tribe and tongue sing out 
Jesus now be glorified

Post Bridge 
Oh oh 
No more idols 
No more idols

Writer: Zenzo Matoga 
Publishing: Impact Music 

No More Idols Video

  • Song: No More Idols
  • Artist(s): Impact Worship + Zenzo Matoga + Chandler Moore