Thanks For Sunshine Lyrics

Thanks for the sunshine 
Thanks for love 
Thanks for flowers 
Rain from above 

Thanks for the children 
For each girl and boy 
Thanks for the laughter 
Thanks for the joy 

Lord so many times 
I prayed so selflessly 
Lord so many times 
You bless abundantly 
So this time Lord 
I don't want anything 
I just want to say thanks 
For the letting this old boy sing

Thanks for labor 
Thanks for tears 

So this time Lord I don't want anything 
I just want thanks for giving me a song to sing 

Thanks for the promise 
You've made it all good 
For those who would trust You 
You said that you would 
So thanks for tomorrow 
Fill it with love 

We know that all good things 
Come from above 
So thank You 
Thank You Lord 

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