Jesus Culture King of Love Lyrics

When night was darkest 
And I was farthest 
A stranger to Your heart 
Your voice was calling
Me on a journey
To break my walls apart 

There I would find Your kindness 
Where I thought I should find judgement 
As if in just one moment 
You opened my eyes

All my praise could never be enough
To give You thanks for all You've done
Forever I will lift you up
Jesus Christ, the King of love

And what a wonder as I surrendered
My heaviness was gone 
There in the rubble lay all my troubles 
All that was left was love  

Let all the earth, let every heart 
Come and sing how great You are 
Not even death could overcome 
Jesus Christ, the King of love
The curse of sin is broken now 
No fear, no lie will hold me down 
The Son of Man reigns over all 
Jesus Christ, the King of love

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