John P. Kee - I Bow Out

Chorus / Description : The song I Bow Out expresses gratitude and gracefully moving on from past experiences, while acknowledging the presence and guidance of a higher power.

I Bow Out Lyrics

I bow out gracefully
After all that you have done
You are my morning sun
As I leave I bow out gracefully

I bow out gratefully
No hurt, harm or danger came before me
The bus returned to South Park every weekend safely
As I leave, I bow out
I say bye bye

I bow out gratefully, I'm outta here
A few enemies I still have
Every void in my life, You are there
All I want to say is
As I leave, I bow out

I'm grateful
I'm moving gracefully
Gently with form
Meek and humble
I've got to go

Found me a home in glory, yes I did

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  • Song: I Bow Out
  • Artist(s): John P. Kee