Mali Music - Walk On Water

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Walk On Water Lyrics

You know what they say, "No one's perfect."
Well neither am I, and I guess that's why nothing's working.
They say God is Good. But how can that be?
It feels I'm the proof, if you want to see just look at me.

I'm tryna walk on yeah (walk on) Water water (water)
Every step I (oh) take, I start to think this is impossible (impossible)
It feels like I'm tryna walk on (walk on) walk on Water (water)
Every move I make, I start to sink this is improbable (improbable)

Preachers say, "Just have faith!" But what does that mean?
Cuz I believe, I believe and all these bad things are still happening to me.
They say to try to walk right, they say to try to live saved.
But theres a storm in your life and its seems you've been fighting all your days.

All your days you tryna walk on (walk on) water (water)
Every step that you (oh) take, it gets easy to think this is impossible (impossible)
Still you tryna walk on, walk on, walk on (walk on) Water, Water (water)
Every move you make, it feels like you're sinking and it's improbable (improbable)

Now trust me this ain't another attempt to bring you in
Cuz we on the same plane, in the same world, and I feel you my friend.
But as long as you live there will be hardships and pain.
But I know a man who brings peace to the storm, He can stop the rain.

And He can walk on (walk on) He can walk on water (water)
Just forget what you think (oh) theres no way you can sink with Him it's possible (possible) yeah
And He can walk on (walk on) walk on water (water)
Full of power and might (oh) Jesus the Christ defies the logical (logical)

Just keep your eyes on Him (Him), Keep your eyes on Him (Him)
Don't look to the left (oh) nor to the right, just walk to the light (walk to the light).
Keep your eyes on Him (Him), Keep your eyes on him (Him)
When you look down they'll be no ground you'll be standing on water (water)

Standing on (water)
Walking on (water)
Walk on (water)

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  • Song: Walk On Water
  • Artist(s): Mali Music