Come Home for Christmas Lyrics

by Matthew West in Carols

How long has it been 
Since you felt that feeling of wonder 
Like a child wide awake 
Counting down on Christmas eve 
We’re in such a hurry for life to begin 
But do you ever just wish you could go back again 
What if I told you the young and the old you 
Are not quite as far apart as you might think 

Come home, come home, come home
Come home for Christmas 
Let your heart return once again 
To the joy and the peace
The love and the hope 
It’s all right here waiting 
For you to come home for Christmas 
And come home for good 

Turn around 
And you’ll see 
There’s a light in the window 
A star on the tree 
Leave the past 
At the door 
All the years and the tears 
Let ‘em fall to the floor 

Follow the sound
Of laughter and song
Leading you back to the place 
Where you belong 

Repeat Chorus 
Come home to a manger 
Come home to a story that’s still true 
Come home to the Savior 
Who came down from heaven just for you 

How long has it been
Since you and your heart talked to Jesus 

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