TRIBL Maverick City Communion Lyrics

Verse 1:
Take me back to the garden 
Lead me be back to moment I heard Your voice 
Bring me back to communion 
Lead me back to the moment I saw Your face 

Pre Chorus:
It was all so simple 
It was easy to love 
No space between us 
It was easy to trust 

You are closer, closer than my skin 
You are in the air I'm breathing in 
Here's is where the dead things 
Come back to living 
I feel my heart beating again 
Feels so good to know You are my friend 

Verse 2:
This is the garden 
Here in the place I find you close 
This is communion 
Here in the place I'm fully known 

It was all so simple
You're so easy to love 
No space between us 
You're so easy to trust

This is where I'm meant to be 
Me and You and You and me
And I don't have to prove a thing 
You've already approved of me

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