TRIBL Maverick City - You Have My Yes

You Have My Yes Lyrics

Verse 1
You can have my cares
you can have this world’s distraction
You can have my eyes
You can have my full attention
I just want you

Verse 2
You can have my heart
You can have my full devotion
You can have my song
You can have my endless worship
I just want you
I just want

Jesus Jesus
How could I ever thank you
Jesus, My freedom
How could I keep from praising
You’ve been so good to me
You’ve been so good to me

Verse 3
You loved me first
You were in my darkest moments
Even in my worst
You were there with arms wide open
So I love you Lord,
I love you

Every good and perfect gift
Every moment every breath
It comes from You God,
Its all for You God
Every step your spirit leads
Your love’s inviting me
You have my Yes God
My answer’s Yes God

You Have My Yes Video

  • Song: You Have My Yes
  • Artist(s): TRIBL Maverick City + Naomi Raine + Maryanne J. George


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