MercyMe - Gotta Find You

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Gotta Find You Lyrics

There's a whistle from the hole in my heart
The wind is blowing so cold
Once filled by what since has departed
Same story's getting old
I'll try anything to satisfy my heart
But anything will not do
It's gotta be You
It's gotta be You

It's the same old song, it's just the same old dance
If one goes wrong we'll take another chance
This didn't work, well maybe that'll win
We keep searching until our heart gets filled
Our heart gets filled, now

Hit the road headed for somewhere
From a nowhere that I came
To find out it's no different there
My fears are still the same
All my answers in of this way
But this one's not excused
I've gotta find You
I've gotta find You


To wait on God is to struggle and sometimes to fail. Sometimes the failures teach us more than the successes. For the failures teach us that to wait on God is not only to wait for His mercy, but to wait by His mercy. The glory hidden in our failures is the glory that the very thing we wait for is what we wait by. The success of our waiting lies not in who we are, but in who God is. It is not our strength that will pull us through to the end. It's God's amazing grace and God's mercy.


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  • Song: Gotta Find You
  • Artist(s): MercyMe