MercyMe - The Attic

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The Attic Lyrics

Ten years old, you're walking down the aisle
You let God in and it's totally in style
Where years have come and gone
And so did your courage
You put God in a box
And you threw Him in storage

When you can't find what you're looking for
And your heart's been screaming for more and more
When you search so long you can't even stand
And the way back home is the Father's hand
God says that your head says more
And in between is where you're torn
Trace your steps to where you were before, yeah

The right idea was Yours from page one
But through time Your vision has gone
Well God took the back seat
While your flesh started driving, yes He did
The world feels fine while the Spirit Man is dying


Lord, please take over
Won't you deliver us?
How we long to get back
To the way that it was
To the way that it was
To the way that it was


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  • Song: The Attic
  • Artist(s): MercyMe