Michelle Williams - Stop This Car

Chorus / Description : The song Stop This Car by Michelle Williams is about feeling ignored and wanting to be heard in a relationship. There are no direct biblical references in the song.

Stop This Car Lyrics

Uhhhh Huhhhh... Yea

I see the day past me by
When I'm next to you
For the longest time
I prayed that I could ride up in yo Coup
As the wheels, they roll
Time roll so slow
Feels like I disappear
Gotcha eyes on the road
And so many things
It's just like I'm not here

I can here the music playin
Turn it to my favorite station
[?] bass
But that's no remedy

When your heart it seem to be breaking
Tell you and you just don't listen
Don't know how much more I can take it
Nothing to say but...

Stop this car
I don't wanna ride no more
Cause it's just to fast
And you want pump the brakes
Slow down hear what I gotta say
Stop this car
Cause our destination too far
I wanna get out
I don't wanna ride no more
Baby just stop this car

Dark night surrounding me
Watching your lights [fade away]

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  • Song: Stop This Car
  • Artist(s): Michelle Williams