Zulu Worship Medley Interlude Lyrics + Video

Zulu Worship Medley Interlude Lyrics

Mabala onke Nkosi yam
(All my stains my Lord)
awungcolisa umoya wami
(When my soul gets dirty)
ngihlanze kuwo namhlanje
(Purify me with thee today)
ungenze ngikufuze ke
(Let me just like you)

Ngihlanze emoyeni wam
(Purify my soul)
mangibethelw’uqobo lwam
(Let me carry only your best)
senginikele konk’okwam
(I give all I have)
kuwe kuwe kuwe
(To you, to you, to you)

Kuwe baba
(To you father)
Ngibek’ ithemba lam
(I put my trust)

Thula wazi
(Be still and know)
(I am the Lord)

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12 Comments/Reviews

  • Nitezeho John

    I like Zulu music 1 year ago

  • Sandile Maquthu

    I like your song very much God bless you 1 year ago


    Whenever I feel like my heart is heavy and remember God.... I listen to this song which make me feel the presence of the Lord and it gives me the courage of praying heard and end up in tears. 1 year ago

  • Patricia Easter

    I have never heard singing like this ever in my life....awesome..you can feel the presence of the Lord..
    1 year ago

  • Litlhare Nkhati

    Such a wonderful song that connects us with God,but now there are no lyrics for the last part of the song.i love it 1 year ago

  • Quabena Yeboa Jr

    I'd be happy if I could get the lyrics of the third/last song in this medley. God bless you. 2 years ago

  • Jachristava

    I became a fan quickly any thing she sings I love! I listen to her music all day! I love her worship and her love for God! 2 years ago

  • Fifi

    I accidentally came across Ntokozo on tv singing Jehova is your name..... at the time I was in my fast seeking God’s Face as I was going through the most challenging period. I have never sang this song like I did that night. I went as far as downloading the whole album “Essential “ and I have been playing “almost” the whole album everyday for a month now. To and and from Work.This album has blessed me so much and gave me words to decribe my situation to the Lord. In weakest moments I continues to proclaim His Name through these songs. When everyone around me expected me to fall apart , I grew from strength to strength .... Siyabonga Ntokozo nge mpilo yakho! May God bless you more and more. 2 years ago

  • Quabena Yeboa Jr

    This song in particular has blessed my dawns and has given me incredible testimonies. It also speaks for me anytime I go before my Lord the creator of life. God bless Ntokozo Mbambo I love her so much. May her oil never run short. 2 years ago

  • Viwe

    I listen to this medley everyday . It revives my soul.
    2 years ago