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Don't cancel me, but that's not Jesus.
Can I be honest?


So much of what I see impacts my belief

The truth is...
The next generation is leaving
They don't believe

They can't figure out...
How could the God of oppressors

God of oppressed be the same

It seems like...
I'm good enough for your flyers
But silent when I'm dying explain

How can we kneel to pray But you abandon me when I kneel to injustice?
If I pray
That in his image

When it comes to the Bible...
How can you tell me
I'm not in it

This may get me in trouble but...
Black Jesus
Apocalyptic poetic image but not Jesus
Blonde hair, blue eyes, white Jesus
I hate to say it, but that's not Jesus

The real question is
Who is he, the lover of my soul
That Jesus, not the judge of my clothes, not Jesus
He'll take me as I am, That Jesus
Grandmama said give me
That Jesus, the one who died
That Jesus, the one who saved my life
That Jesus, when I was lost he found me
That Jesus, when I was sick he healed me
The Jesus, do you know, the Jesus
That Jesus, that Jesus
He, that Jesus

Uh, listen. They may never walk in a church, may never hear a message after this. Will you please do me a
favor? Wherever you go, please...
Help them see Jesus

They gave you a reason to go off, but for the love of God, please...
Help them see Jesus

I know they don't love you at the level that you love them, but please...
Help them see Jesus

We may not agree on his appearance, but we can agree on his assignments so...
Help them see Jesus

To my kids, you can't get into Heaven off of Daddy's Jesus.
You got to have your own relationship with him.
My prayer is that one day you'll just say...
I see Jesus Oh

I see Jesus, oh

I pray...
Oh yeah

One day our children will live to say...
I see Jesus

I wanna see Him
Face to Face
I see Jesus
Oh, help me
Help us see you

Help them see Jesus
We're living in a cold, cold world

Help them see Jesus
If I can't trust who I see, how can I trust you?
Help them see Jesus
God, my prayer for this world is
Help them see Jesus

For the person whose wrestling with anxiety, frustration, depression, low self-esteem, heartache, or
heartbreak. Someone's praying for you. Maybe you feel like you're at the end of your rope, you're tired, you're
heavy, you feel alone. I want you to know that we broke all of the rules just to pray for you. God told me to tell
you that you matter you were worth dying for. I pray by the end of this record.
You'll see Jesus

You decide that I have a reason to live.
'Cause I see Jesus

I wrestle with depression myself and I know that it's hard. But you gotta make a decision that my life will mean
something because I'm not here to be famous, I'm not here to be rich. I'm here just to help people
See Jesus


PMJ (Pastor Mike Jr.) is blazing a new trail. Not only does he Pastor one of the fastest growing ministries in the south, he’s now a 11x Stellar Award Gospel Artist & 2021/2022 Gospel Artist Of The Year!!

His soulful voice and vibe connects with practically every genre! His breakout and highly anticipated album, LIVE FREE features inspirational anthems that speak to the reality of each person. It speaks to that desire to win, recover, and survive! His sound is sure to appeal and reach the hearts of young and old alike. His songs are designed to tackle real life issues in a lyrical manner and peppered with life and gospel truth from the sages of old

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  • Song: Not Jesus
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  • Album: Impossible
  • Release Date: 03 Feb 2023
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