Petra - Believer In Deed

Chorus / Description : The song Believer In Deed by Petra encourages living a life of faith and leaving a positive legacy. It references 1 John 3:18 and emphasizes authentic faith and making a difference in the world.

Believer In Deed Lyrics

[Based on 1 John 3:18]

On his journey we begin at birth
This fleeting moment that we spend on earth
No second chance to live it all again
It must be now or never
To cherish each endeavor
What will they say that I have left behind
A faithful heritage for all to find
What will the see?
I want my legacy to be

He was a believer in deed
He had a heart of a different breed
He made his mark and he lived by his creed
A true believer
A believer in deed

Am I living everything I say?
Am I pointing others to the way?
Will I leave this world a better place?
Will Jesus say he knew me
Is Jesus living through me?
Did I maintain my authenticity?
A man of honor and integrity?
Remembering me
I hope that they will truly see

At the end of my days I know I'm gonna say
I wouldn't live my life any other way
I'll look to my posterity to carry on for me
And pray that they will see

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  • Song: Believer In Deed
  • Artist(s): Petra